From the east, from the ancient aroma that traveled to inlight civilizations and and inspire nations, from those eastern spirits who toured the globe and came back carrying the earth bounties, from here and there was Dukkan Meem. A blend of an authentic eastern heart and a modern beautiful facade, a unique language that reflect the personality of those who wear it, and differentiate them from all others.

In Dukkan Meem we got inspired by the acceleration of everyday life, and the wide variety of social events and commitments, and come up with One Thousand and one Abayas. No matter what the place or the purpose you're going for, whether it was a regular day at work, a quick shopping adventure, or an intimidating social event you’re planning for weeks before, we believe that there’s an Abaya for each. That’s why we cooperated with the best designers who left their marks through their designs, to bring to you a unique and a wide collection of Abayas, that will elevate you experience and enrich your daily activities.